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Print Options


What is HTV printing

HTV printing, also known as Heat Transfer Vinyl printing, is a popular method of garment decoration. It involves using a special type of vinyl material that can be cut into any desired shape and applied to a garment with a heat press. The heat press activates the adhesive on the back of the vinyl and adheres it to the garment. This method of printing is popular because it allows for intricate designs and vibrant colors that won’t fade or crack over time. It’s also a great way to create custom garments quickly and affordably. 

Digital prints also allow for reproduction on darker coloured clothing. The prints are bonded to the product and maintain their colour and vibrant appearance for the life of the garment. Our White matt polyurethane media is only 50 microns, this is equal to 0.05 millimetres. This means our high-quality prints pressed onto garments are thin and light weight.

Murnane Print can personalise most apparel items and in any colour with quick turnaround time (2- 3 weeks). With only a minimum of 5 garments we can add your design or logo to various items to help you promote your business, school, or event.

Feel free to buy from our extensive range of products or supply your own products for personalisation (supply fee applies).

Please note – supplied garments must be brand new and not worn/washed. Printing will also be at customer’s own risk.


Murnane Print has a trade print relationship with a local embroider, this means we can offer embroidery for you at great prices. To take advantage of these prices we have to set minimums of 10 garments per logo. We also offer a range of promotional items that also offer embroidery. These are priced according to stock listing. Smaller quantities are available upon request.

What is embroidery

Embroidery is a type of needlework that involves stitching thread or yarn to fabric or other materials to create a design. It is often used to decorate clothing and accessories. Embroidery is an excellent way of branding bags, apparel and other textile products. It offers higher perceived value and a depth of branding quality which other processes can’t match, and the finished image has a slightly raised effect. Embroidery uses rayon thread which is stitched into the product.


  • Only one setup charge applies per position for up to 12 thread colours.
  • Individual naming available upon request


  • Only approximate PMS colour matches are possible – the threads to be used are chosen from those available to give the closest possible match. See our thread colour chart for the colours available.
  • Unable to print variable data such as individual naming.
  • Metallic embroidery colours have special pricing.

Artwork Requirements

  • Vector artwork is preferred for digitising logo (set up of artwork), otherwise please send through your digitised logo (.dst file)
  • Fonts are advised to be converted to outlines/objects to avoid font conflicts.
  • We recommend avoiding fine detail – the minimum text heights for embroidered artworks are:
  • 5mm for Sans Serif fonts
  • 5mm for Serif fonts


Murnane print offers two types of sublimation services. We can sublimate approved stock standard appar4el in house or organise custom designed apparel. Please see ‘Custom Designed‘ Garments for more information.

What is sublimation

Dye sublimation print is used for branding products that have a special coating on them, or fabrics suitable for the sublimation process.

A transfer is produced by printing sublimation ink onto transfer paper and then heat pressing it onto the product.

Dye sublimated on standard stock apparel is a perfect solution for those customers who want something just a little bit different, something personalised, or something that will help you get noticed. It is also a great option for those businesses or clubs that have multiple sponsors or logos on their apparel. Murnane Print can also organise custom-made apparel to your needs.

This process can also be applied to promotional products as well – customised mousepads, mugs, drink bottles and all sorts of innovative products making ideal promotional products or gifts.

When a printer refers to sublimation: what does it means.

In simple terms it is another print option other than the most commonly known option we all know – embroidery. With advancement of technology in printing we are no longer limited to one option or have to settle with print results that don’t hit the mark.

When printing it is best to be flexible with your print options as this allows for the printer to recommend the right print factoring in all information. Sublimation is a great long lasting print option and can be a great way to get great results at reduced pricing. The reduce pricing is often because the pre-work and set up time is often reduced for this print option. It also allows multiply coloured logos in your design at no extra cost.


  • Sublimation ink is a dye so there is no ink build-up. The finished print is embedded in the product.
  • Ideal for producing vivid full colour images as well as closely matched spot colour branding.
  • Can print variable data including individual names.
  • Edge-to-edge branding can be achieved on some products.
  • Only one set up charge is required regardless of the number of print colours.


  • Can only be used on suitable products with white surfaces.
  • Some colours cannot be reproduced including white, metallic, and neon/fluorescent colours.
  • Fine detail/text may experience minor colour bleed across adjacent design elements.
  • Artwork can be supplied in either vector or bitmap format.
  • Supplied bitmaps must be higher than 300DPI resolution at the actual print size.
  • A 3mm bleed must be added to the artwork if it bleeds off the product.


Murnane Print offers a variety of options for stickers, whether it’s a large print run required or multiply small print runs, we are happy accommodate. We can also print on demand to allow you to order as you need.

Not sure if our product will suit. Why not order a small sample to test. Then continue to enjoy our cheaper prices without the need to buy volume. This is ideal for businesses who have a large product range and only require small quantities.

Murnane Print can also support your business with corporate branding, why not offer your products with your clients branding. If this is a service, you would like to discuss please feel free to call our team on 1300 795 840 or send us an email.

Murnane print also offers trade print – If you’re a designer and wish to expand your product services please feel free to reach out. Visit ‘trade print’ for more information.

Follow #stickers_by_mpg for examples

What are vinyl labels

Vinyl labels are a type of durable and waterproof label typically made of a vinyl material. They are often used to label products or items that need to withstand exposure to water, dirt, and other environmental conditions. Vinyl labels are also used to identify items in industrial settings, on vehicles, or for outdoor use.

These labels are long lasting, fade resistant, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you’re looking for a vinyl label that is ideal for products or promotional marketing. Our stickers and labels are printed in rich, full colour to make sure your artwork stands out and looks vibrant. Murnane Print offer either a white or clear high gloss option for all the various sizes offered.

Our stickers & labels are made of Polypropylene material making it water-resistant and freezer grade. It can be used for labelling on cosmetic products, bottles and refrigerated goods. Please note, though these labels will last 1 -2 years, using outdoors should be non-permanent as these stickers are not UV coated. Please ask about laminating of stickers for long lasting results.



Looking to expand your product range without the huge expense. Why not buy on demand. Create your exclusive product line and test your market via Murnane Print.

Murnane Print would like to offer an opportunity for you to on sell a range of our products. If you have a desire to sell an exclusive range, test a market, start a new business with little overhead or create a fundraiser we would love to offer an opportunity to create an ongoing trade relationship.

Artwork must be provided in the correct format; we can work with you to help create your ideas or connect you with our graphic designer if this is required. We will not reproduce other people’s work and will only do original work and ideas. 

The in-house printing method used will either be digital Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) prints or dye sublimation. Both options have a setup fee associated with producing the end result however this can be discussed when setting up a trade print relationship.