If your questions are not answered in this section and you still need help or just want feedback about certain products, feel free to call or email and we will respond as soon as possible.

YES, we are open normal business hours – Monday to Friday. For urgent questions, please send us a quick email, we review our emails while in production and will respond promptly. If we can respond out of business hours to your quick questions we will. Please don’t hesitate to call 1300 795 840 if you have any further questions.

Our office is open from 7am-5pm Monday – Friday. We are closed on the weekends and public holidays. We apologize, but we prefer not to have walk-ins as this can delay production. All meetings are by appointment only. It is best to call and/or email to speak with a team member to ensure we can help with your needs.

Yes, please call 1300 795 840 and leave a message with our receptionist or email us orders@murnaneprint.com.au if you have any questions. Sometimes we are busy in production and as such it is quicker to e-mail us orders@murnaneprint.com.au, as we constantly monitor our e-mails but are sometimes unable to answer phone calls.

Yes, pick up can be arranged, once order is ready for collection you will receive an email to organize a pick up time. A time will need to be arranged in advance. Please feel free to call 1300 795 840 to organize a pick up time if this is easier.

Please send us an email to orders@murnaneprint.com.au or contact our team at 1300 795 840. 

We suggest only having one account per user. However, setting up individual accounts for different businesses or organization with different email addresses is available.


Need a quote and not sure where to start. Simply send us an email of your ideas and we will be more than happy to guide you through the process. If you know your requirements, please send through all the details. We will need your logo (preferably a vector file) and the product quantity to be able to provide an accurate quote. The more information provided the quicker the process.

Yes, we have a minimum of 5 items to be branded. This can be made up of various sizes and styles. We have no minimums on blank items brought off the website. Please refer to the website for printing prices (Apparel Printing)

All orders can be cancelled if given notice, however if your border has been paid, approved and in production requiring personalisation we are unable to cancel your order.

Yes, this is possible. Please call 1300 795 840 this will not speed up the quoting process. We will send your phone order as a quote via email, you will need to confirm the order details. This process eliminates any mis-communication with pricing and production work requirements.

Prices are driven by quantity ordered at any one time. If your initial order was for 50 shirts & you got a great price based on 50, however, you decide to proceed with only 10 your price WILL be higher. Just as if your initial order was for 50 BUT you decide to your order is now for 150, you can typically expect lower prices.

You will receive an email (don’t forget to check your spam folder) once the order is complete. You can also check the order on the website once you sign in on your account.

We accept orders and artwork at any time of the week. Please note that we check orders and artwork during business hours, Monday – Friday, from 7am – 5pm.


You can email artwork as soon as you place your order or request a quote.

We recommend image resolution be at 300 DPI or higher.

Images created for websites generally have a resolution of 72 DPI (Dots Per Inch). This is much lower than what is required for good print quality. If the artwork is supplied at a low resolution, the printed image may appear blurred, jagged, and rough.

Printing material requires a minimum of 300 DPI, so please ensure your artwork meets this requirement. Keep in mind higher-resolution images generally result in larger file sizes.

We also use CorelDraw and will be more than happy to except these files.
For stickers we can accept high resolution pdf, jpeg or png files.

We recommend omitting borders from your artwork due to slight movements in the image during the normal printing and cutting processes.

If your design requires a border, we suggest extending at least by 2mm on each side from the actual finished size.

Most large format printers have movement of up to 3mm. We print small images in smaller batches to help reduce this movement. Unfortunately, we cannot help this movement on images smaller than 30mm Round.

Consider sending your files in a zip folder or via dropbox. Both options should work for larger files. Otherwise, please reach out via email for further ideas to get your files to us for production.

Submitted artwork will be checked and approved within 24 hours.

Go to Order section on your account and click see more to review your final proof. We suggest checking your proof carefully before sending us your approval.

Let us know of any changes or errors as soon as possible. If you have approved the artwork for production and need to make changes, please call us to bring this urgent request to our attention (leaving a message will not guarantee we can action your request) we will attempt to change the artwork proof if possible but this is not always guaranteed.


Your statutory rights entitle you to a refund with proof of purchase if any product is defective, unfit for purpose or does not match the description or sample. In addition to your statutory rights, Murnane Print offer a 30-day money back guarantee wherever possible, we’re unable to refund on personalised product for change of mind. We are happy to refund or exchange as-new products if you are not completely satisfied with a product.

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard and Direct Debit for all online orders. Cheque payments can be accept, please note payment is required upfront and orders will not go into production until the payment has cleared.  

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.

Yes, all prices include GST. Unless you are ordering from overseas. The tax will automatically be removed.

After checking the order, you will be required to pay for the order to proceed into production. Please note that the customer will be responsible for any additional charges or refunds due to changes in the order details.

We take your security seriously. We provide a secure and safe shopping experience for all of our customers. With the additional of our SSL encryption software we can guarantee your online payment with Murnane Print Group is safe. Credit card orders are processed with eWay which is one of the leading payment gateways available in Australia. See our FAQ section for more information. Still concerned about paying online? No need… we are also happy to accept direct deposit, money orders or cheques (please allow clearance time). Please email or phone us to discuss further.




CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key/Black. These are the primary colours used in printing to create full-colour images.

No, CMYK inks combine to create black or duller colour compared to RGB. Display colour on scanners, digital cameras, and computer monitors normally shows RGB. Unless it is already converted to CMYK.

Kiss cut is an easy peeling cut of stickers within the border of the design but keeping the paper backing intact. As we print on large rolls of vinyl, we reduce costs by printing across the entire roll. We are unable to print on A4 sheets.

Custom Die Cut is customised cut to the shape of the sticker, all the way through the paper backing.

Multiple cut is a different cut of stickers with multiple designs that could fit on a sheet. The design incorporating the different shapes can be printed in multiples across the roll of vinyl. We do require a minimum of 20 A4 or A5 sized artwork.

A sheet is customised stickers with multiple designs attached on a single sheet. These sheets are manually cut down from a roll 1300mm wide after printing required quantity of stickers. We cut down according to the size and shape of the print job. We do try to keep sheets close to A4 size for easy postage and storage.

No, we do not offer this service.

No, we do not offer this service.

Yes, this is possible. We have set prices for each size which is already at bulk order prices. This means you can order 500 of one design and 500 of another knowing your getting a great price.


Unfortunately, we don’t ship items ordered on the same day. As we source from over 30 suppliers and ‘order on demand’ we can only offer a turnaround guide. We do work on a policy of shipping orders out as soon as possible.

Yes, it is possible, please send us your order number and the updated shipping address. Please note that orders processed using drop shipping can not be changed once processed.

Yes this is possible to deliver items to multiple locations. If you wish to ship it to multiple locations, we recommend contacting us via email to organise the different delivery locations. This will be at an additional cost to you which will be invoiced and require payment before we can despatch.

No, all orders must be paid upfront.

Yes, we are more than happy to organise pickup once your order is ready for collection. All we ask is that you prearrange a pickup time. We would not want to disappoint and cause any inconvenience not being available for pick up.

Yes, it is possible to have your name as the sender. Just send us an email of the required instructions if different to the online order placed.

There could be any number of reasons why you might not have received your order in a reasonable time frame. We will be more than happy to work out why you have not received your order. We recommend reaching out to us so we can assess and respond to you with an update as soon possible.

Please contact us with the quantity you received and photos if possible, if an error has been made we will ship the remaining quantity or include it in your next order. You can reach out to us via email.

We do not use just one courier, we use the best option for your delivery location. If your order is being drop shipped from our supplier we will not know the courier used until we receive the tracking.


Yes, we do print QR code on stickers and apparel, however, we don't generate QR codes.

We cannot send samples; we do have a small display zone that you can view on appointment basis. We can also arrange samples from certain suppliers. Please feel free to email us to check if we can organise a sample of the style you would like.

We suggest to do some cleaning with your browser's history. If problems persist, please reach out to us through our Contact Us form or do send us an email at orders@murnaneprint.com.au so we can check it on our system.

Simply view our range and select the product you wish to have branded. Follow the steps provided. If you wish to order a smaller quantity, require more than one print or your logo has more than one colour. Simply send us a quote request above. 

Absolutely, If you know what you want please view our clothing range (all products listed are suitable for branding). Select the apparel required and then add the printing cost. Don’t forget to add the set-up cost (Required for all first-time orders). We will review and bring to your attention if anything needs modifying before proceeding to production. 

I'm after a quote for printing on various clothing items.

We offer a huge range of apparel for you to choose from to add your logo. We suggest viewing the shop by brand section. Please email us via orders@murnaneprint.com.au or request a quote. Please send through the brand name and code for prices. Narrowing down the selection will speed up the quoting process. We have added to the website a range of the most popular items sold and branded by our clients in the past. 

Custom designed apparel will help you create a unique look for your business, event or school. Simply click here to follow the steps and start your order today. We will receive your request and respond with a quote to go into production. 

Our print studio is located in Point Cook, Melbourne. We offer inhouse t-shirt printing, polo printing, printed hoodies, uniforms, printed labels, product labels, stickers and engraving. We are more than happy to send our branded uniforms Australia wide

Large format printing is the process of printing graphics and text on a large scale. It is typically used for items such as banners, posters, signs, wall coverings, and even wallpaper. It differs from regular printing in that it uses specialized printers, inks, and substrates that can accommodate the larger size of the materials being printed. The printing technology is also different, as large-format printing often involves using wide-format inkjet printers, solvent printers, and dye-sublimation printers.

If your questions are not answered in this section and you still need help or just want feedback about certain products, feel free to call or email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Yes, however we have a few stipulations with supplied clothing.

Must be Brand new and unwashed – this is because the garments when pressed will give out a body order ultimately ruining the garment and making a very unpleasant work environment. If washed the washing detergent leaves a coating which can stop the vinyl from applying to the fabric.

We are not liable to replace the first item we press if the material reacts or results are not perfect. We will of course bring this to your attention and organise a suitable solution.

Order must be placed, paid and artwork confirmed before dropping off garments. Dropping off garments will not guarantee your tops will be branded.

Please talk to us about a quote to receive a bulk ordering discount. Simply send through via email requirements plus images and we will start the quoting process. 

All garments are laid flat and measured from point to point. ie. Armpit to armpit. Please double for an approximation around the body.

All measurements are taken in cm’s

Yes, they are Australian Sizes, please check listings for style fit suggestions. If you need to fit out a team, we suggest you purchase a sample of sizes to allow your team to check before branding. These samples can be used for branding once quantity and sizes acre confirmed.

When in doubt send us an e-mail and our experts will help you.