Direct to Film

Direct to Film

Print options available on film for Apparel or Promotional Products.

Direct to film (DTF) printing is revolutionising the world of apparel branding, offering unparalleled flexibility and quality that sets brands apart in a crowded marketplace. This cutting-edge technology allows for the transfer of vivid, high-resolution images directly onto film to be pressed onto fabric, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to elevate their branding efforts.

Our direct-to-film options also include UV Direct to Film (DTF) printing. This revolutionary printing method breathes life into your graphics, delivering unparalleled colour depth, durability, and detail on a vast array of materials. Whether you’re aiming to create stunning eye-catching promotional items, or bespoke decorations, UV DTF prints promise not only to meet but exceed your expectations. With its remarkable adhesion and flexibility, this technique ensures your creations stand out in durability and aesthetic appeal, making it the perfect choice for both personal projects and professional ventures.

DTF excels in its ability to adhere to a wide variety of textiles, ensuring that logos, designs, and messages stand out with crisp, vibrant colours and sharp details on any garment.

In the rapidly evolving fashion and apparel industry, DTF printing emerges as a key player in branding strategies, providing a durable, versatile, and cost-effective solution that meets the high standards of today’s consumers. Whether it’s for promotional wear, bespoke fashion lines, or corporate apparel, direct to film prints offer a compelling way for brands to make their mark and leave a lasting impression.

For more information please reach out via ‘Contact Us‘ for a quote. DTF for Apparel are available in various sizes and DTF UV Prints are available in A4 sheets. Feel free to send us an enquiry – selecting the apparel of interest and let us personalise your quote for you with our suggested print options.