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Fiat-tastic fundraiser

Written by Jaidyn Du Plessis

When dreams are given the chance to become reality, most will see it as a miracle, but in the case of Danny and Maria D’Mello, the dream of their fundraiser was brought to fruition by adversity. The Fiat-tastic fundraiser is an event where Danny, Maria and their two children will drive in their red FIAT 500 all the way from Melbourne to Sydney and back. At first you may see it as a peculiar idea, but by learning the story of Danny and Maria’s friend, you’ll understand the true meaning of this event. 

Rob Costa, was a close friend to Maria. He had worked with Maria at Werribee Mitsubishi for over three years, and during that time they became good friends, exchanging stories about their families and even getting the chance to have Rob’s daughter, Madeleine, come and work alongside them, eventually taking over Maria’s position when she inevitably left. Despite leaving, they still remained good friends. Everything seemed to be going well for these two families, until late 2023, where Rob was diagnosed with cancer, and admitted to Palliative Care at Werribee Mercy Hospital. During Rob’s time there, Maria would visit daily to comfort her friend however she could, even if it was just a nice conversation. At some point Maria mentioned their little dream to drive their red FIAT 500 from Melbourne to Sydney and back to raise funds for a cause they cared deeply about, though they couldn’t quite get enough motivation to really do it. Rob, who was quite the car fanatic, endorsed the idea, and encouraged them to follow through with it. After 3 weeks in Palliative Care, on the 14th of December 2023, Rob passed from cancer. The grief that plagued both the lives of Rob’s family and Maria’s was unbearable, though what brought them comfort was being able to see what Mercy Palliative Care did for Rob. The support that they brought for both him and his family, during such a hard time was invaluable. Maria saw it first hand during her visits, and could not be more thankful for what they’ve done. With this, the dream that Danny and Maria had, was brought to life, as they dedicate their drive to Rob’s memory, and all the money they raise to go to Mercy Palliative Care, so that other families are able to be comforted as Rob’s was during their hardship. 

On the 14th of April, Danny, Maria, and their children will be at Wyndham Harbour, for a car meet, exhibiting the FIAT 500 that they intend to drive to Sydney in, as well as many other high end cars, encouraging everybody interested to bring their own vehicles to celebrate and honour the life of Rob Costa. The car meet will require a gold coin donation in order to enter and will last from 9:00AM-1:00PM, following which, Danny, Maria and their children will depart on their journey to Sydney and back. 

In conjunction with this event, Murnane Print will be sharing their support via Fiat-tastic branded shirts and trolley tokens to help spread the word. These Fiat-tastic branded shirts for Danny and Maria to wear and trolley tokens donated from Murnane Print are all to help this cause. Murnane Print are hoping this is a creative way to thank donors and encourage more people to join in supporting this important cause. Remember, every little bit of support makes a difference, and and we hope these tokens of appreciation help people feel valued and motivated to continue spreading the word.

If you have a family member who is at risk of needing Palliative Care, or just want to show your support then everybody involved at Fiat-tastic including Murnane Print encourages you to donate to this cause, and if you have a car that you are proud of and would love to show off, feel more than welcome to do so at the car meet, where you could help attract more people into entering the event with a small donation. Every donation helps this heart warming cause, bringing us one step closer to making a positive impact in our community. Your generosity and participation will not only make a difference in the lives of those in need but also serve as a beacon of hope and unity for us all. Let’s come together, spread the word, and contribute in any way we can to create a brighter future for everyone. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful journey. 

A big thank you to the 7 main sponsors, this wouldn’t be possible without their awesome support.

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How to Build a Memorable Brand

How to Build a Memorable Brand

Building a memorable brand is essential in today’s market, where consumers are bombarded with countless choices every day. A standout brand can be the difference between blending in and rising above the noise. To achieve this, focusing on three key elements is crucial: creating a strong visual identity, developing a unique brand voice, and maintaining consistency across all platforms.

Creating a Strong Visual Identity

A brand’s visual identity is often the first thing that catches a consumer’s eye, making it a critical component of brand memorability. This includes the logo, colour scheme, typography, and any other visual elements that contribute to the overall aesthetic of the brand. To create a strong visual identity, it’s important to choose elements that not only look good together but also communicate the essence of your brand effectively. Whether your brand is sleek and professional, fun and playful, or elegant and luxurious, your visual identity should reflect that. Think of Apple’s minimalist design or Coca-Cola’s iconic red and white colour scheme – their visual identities are instantly recognisable and perfectly encapsulate what they stand for.

Developing a Unique Brand Voice

While visual identity catches the eye, the brand voice captures the heart and mind. Your brand voice is how you communicate with your audience, including the words you choose and the tone you use in your messaging. Whether it’s through social media posts, product descriptions, or advertising, your brand voice should be unique to you and consistent across all channels. This doesn’t mean using jargon or complex language; instead, it means finding a way to speak to your audience that feels genuine and aligns with your brand’s personality. For instance, if your brand is all about empowering young entrepreneurs, your voice might be optimistic, energetic, and full of can-do attitude. Developing a unique brand voice helps in building a deeper connection with your audience, making your brand more memorable.

Being Consistent

Consistency is the glue that holds your visual identity and brand voice together. Without consistency, even the most beautiful visual identity and captivating brand voice can fall flat. Consistency means using the same logo, colour scheme, and typeface across all platforms, from your website to your social media profiles to your packaging an uniforms. It also means maintaining the same tone and messaging in all your communications. This consistency helps to reinforce your brand identity in the minds of your audience, making it more likely that they’ll remember you. Moreover, consistency builds trust. When consumers see that a brand is consistent in its presentation and messaging, they’re more likely to view it as reliable and trustworthy.

In conclusion, building a memorable brand requires a careful blend of a strong visual identity, a unique brand voice, and unwavering consistency. By focusing on these three elements, you can create a brand that not only stands out in a crowded marketplace but also resonates with your target audience and stays in their minds long after their first encounter.

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